Festival Program

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  • DAY 2 - FRI 28 Jan

  • Hopes, hurdles, pitfalls, and triumphs: Italian’s Afro-descendant women reveal their journeys against the backdrop of today’s Italy. Singers, stylists, writers, politicians, and athletes. Their stories are life-affirming and they take place in a multicultural country which they deeply love, but that places them in a confined space of stereotypes and prejudices. This is a kind of heroines’ collective that wants to save Italy from racism.

  • Afrofuturism has being influencing black artists and creators over the last 40 years, giving them the freedom to express their creativities. Even though this cultural aesthetic had provoked debates, we can assume that through the lens of Afrofuturism, people of color are gaining significant representation. The number of Afrofuturist creators have increased significantly over the two decades. In fact, with the release of the 2018 superhero movie Black Panther (2018), many more black artists are discovering new spaces. Black Panther set Afrofuturism in different areas, pushing black people to share their stories. Afrofuturism is the reinventing of a future full of science, art, and technology. My own interest in Afrofuturism began when I read an article in 2017 about my own singing in which a journalist described my music as afrofuturist. I asked myself why so much interest in Afrofuturism in Italy nowadays. Most importantly, in “A Journey Through Afrofuturism” performance I will provide my inner personal experience through the lens of afrofuturism.

  • DAY 3 - SAT 29 Jan

  • Even in the digital space, the public is not experienced in the same way by everybody:Racially distorted algorithms and search results, language translation programs that are subject to bias or stereotypes and much more. Intersectional feminist net politics criticizes these discriminatory structures and creates awareness and sensitization for the existing unequal conditions in the digital space, which are closely intertwined with real life. The panel discussion deals with the question of creating a counter-public. In recent years, hashtags and blogs in particular have proven to be effective tools for feminist actors to use digital media. The focus lies also on large areas of feminist internet politics, such as access to the internet, access to content, copyright and data protection. In the panel discussion international experts and activists will discuss how these existing structures can be deconstructed and replaced by new, progressive and equal systems.